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Facebook Messenger Is Now Testing Self-Destroying Messages

Message App
Taking a page out of the Snapchat playbook, Facebook has begun testing its Messenger app for “Secret Conversations”. These conversations would allow users to be able to send encrypted conversations that, like Snapchat, disappear after a set amount of time. Last week, David Marcus, Facebook’s head of Messenger, posted that the company has begun this testing as a way to provide additional privacy and security to messages.

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How Can I Get Better Client Testimonials for My Business?

Client Reviews
Receiving a testimonial from a client is a great way to get social/visible proof from your clients/customers in order to build trust with your prospects. Many often ask, “How Can I Get Better Client Testimonials for My Business?”.

We’re glad you asked! Here are some points to consider in order to improve the quality and quantity of clients testimonials you receive for your business.

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The Marks of a Successful Email Newsletter

email marketing
Email newsletters are powerful marketing tools with various useful functions that businesses use to connect with possible clients and customers. Once received, these customers are reminded about the business as the email shows what the company has been up to. Of course, the information contained also informs potential clients or customers about the products and services the business offers products. If there is value gained by the newsletter, users actually like getting them because they recognize the benefit.

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ArachnidWorks Inc. Joins The FMH Corporate Honor Roll

ArachnidWorks Allison Monica
Pictured from left to right: Tom Kleinhanzl, President & CEO, Frederick Regional Health System; Monica Kolbay, President & CEO, ArachnidWorks, Inc.; Allison Roemer, Senior Project Manager, ArachnidWorks, Inc.; Sadie Wolf, Senior Development Officer, Frederick Memorial Hospital.

Recently our very own Monica Kolbay and Allison Roemer presented Frederick Memorial Hospital with a $10,000 pledge. The pledge establishes ArachnidWorks as one of the newest members of the FMH Corporate Honor Roll! Contributions like these assist FMH with expanding its award-winning oncology program into a comprehensive Cancer Institute.

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