5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for In 2023

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People change, and so do their stories. So it naturally makes sense that marketing will change as well. The trick is keeping up with these stories as they’re told.

Let’s discuss some marketing trends that will be prevalent this year and beyond, starting with…

User-Generated Content Marketing

People trust their friends, loved ones, and other reputable individuals, but they don’t always trust a business. Because of this distrust, a simple ad with a “buy our product” jingle may not be as effective as word-of-mouth.

Not so long ago when you wanted to know who the best plumber was, you simply called your friend who just recently had their pipes snaked. Today, you may still do that, but you can also use the internet and find testimonials or reviews (both bad and good) for practically any product or service.

Anything put online by a person not employed or paid by the company is considered ‘user-generated content.’ We can look forward to this becoming an increasingly viable marketing tool.

Interactive Websites 

Interactive websites invite users to explore content on a deeper level. This may mean questionnaires, attractive animations, or anything else that’s more than just simple information and “Learn More” buttons. If implemented well, this content will bring the customer back time and time again, which leads to a higher conversion rate. These experiences have the potential to make traditionally boring subject matter a bit more fun.

Because of their conversion potential, these websites are certainly something we should all be on the lookout for and expect to see more of in 2023 and beyond.

Influencer Marketing 

Lately, this has become more than just a buzzword, But what exactly is it? 

The concept stems from the days of celebrity endorsements or advertisements, bringing that marketing concept online and modernizing it. The difference is that oday’s “influencers” don’t have to be movie stars. Love it or hate it, ‘online fame’ is now its own universe, and this universe has a lot of marketing power! That’s because influencers have a loyal following. If they say, “Product X, is the best,” then many of their followers will turn into customers. In some cases, the influencer matters even more than the actual product they are promoting. It’s a powerful trend, and it’s getting more prevalent.

Automation Tools

The “one size fits all” approach to marketing is a thing of the past. With automation tools, marketing websites will be able to give a user a greater level of personalization. Today’s customers want and deserve what meets their personal needs. Every time you visit a website, its automation tools may ask for your name and email address. That automation is a tool that’s allowing marketers to match a product with the customer who may benefit from it the most. 

As time goes on, these tools will become more refined, which could have a profound effect on the way we market.

Short-Form Video Content

Video Marketing is a gigantic volcano in terms of just how red-hot it is. These videos are beyond popular. That’s why your social feeds are filled with video content. It catches the eye in an instant. People are making content for the products they like—free advertising for the seller!

A 30-second video of an unknown teenager discussing a skin-care product she loves can be more effective ad than a paid endorsement from a big star.

You may be asking how this is possible. The answer is that the girl making her own short-form video is genuine, therefore more believable. So, as we start 2023, and continuing in the future, we’ll be expecting this form of video advertising and marketing to continue.

At ArachnidWorks, we’re always up to date on the latest marketing trends, and we consistently put these practices to use helping our clients achieve success. We know how to implement the latest tools and techniques to ensure your content is ready for today’s marketing landscape.

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