What Are Twitter Super Follows & How to Use Them

In February of 2021, Twitter announced it would be unveiling Super Follows, a way for users to monetize their content by offering perks and additional content on the wildly popular social media platform. What are Twitter Super Follows, how do they work, and how can you generate passive income from them?

What are Twitter Super Follows?

Twitter Super Follows allow users to share exclusive, subscriber-only content to their followers. The feature lets users interact directly with their subscribers, sharing an extra layer of content designed to boost revenue, engage followers, share deeper thoughts and ideas, and ultimately, drive traffic to websites, products, and services. 

How do Super Follows Work?

The goal of Super Follows is to increase follower engagement with an influencer, or for our clients, a business, product or service. With a paid subscription to your feed, super followers get a badge and exclusive content. This can be discounts and offers, advance notice of new products and features, or other informative or entertaining content that standard followers can’t access. In other words, they offer a unique way to share content that truly resonates with your followers.

To be clear, this new feature in no way interferes with your current free base of followers. It is designed to show appreciation to devoted fans with special goodies.

How Can You Generate Revenue from Super Follows?

Users are given a pricing tier to choose from, starting at just under $3 a month, and range to $10.99 a month. The user can keep up to 97% of the revenue earned by launching the Twitter Super Follows feature.

Payments are made via your Stripe account and can be paid out at $50. There is a $50,000 Super Follows lifetime cap, but even after that cap is reached you can continue to generate revenue at 80% after in-app purchase fees. 


As you can imagine, this feature will be limited to certain users. To qualify to be part of Super Follows:

  • You need at least 10,000 followers
  • You’ve posted more than 25 times over the past month
  • You are based in the United States and Canada (during the initial launch)
  • You are over the age of 18

Be One of the First to Use Twitter Super Follows

This feature is still being rolled out; as of September 1, 2021, it is only available to iOS users in the United States and Canada. It is set to continue to roll out for Android and web users in the next few months.

If you qualify and have an iOS device, get started now! It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. On the Twitter app, swipe right to access the menu.
  2. Select “Monetization” at the bottom of the menu.
  3. Select “Super Follows.”

ArachnidWorks Social Media Marketing

With over two decades of experience, ArachnidWorks understands the importance of social media for marketing and engaging your customer base.

Lackluster social media presence getting you down? Contact us and see how a great social media strategy can get you the followers and engagement you need to drive traffic to your site!

How to Get the Testimonials You Need to Drive Your Business Forward

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Did you know that testimonials can increase conversion rates by 34% and can generate over 60% more revenue? In fact, many people refuse to purchase an item or service without reading positive reviews and testimonials.

If you haven’t considered the importance of adding testimonials to your website, you’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity to grow and retain your customer base. 

Unfortunately, those glowing testimonials will seldom come to you without a little encouragement. Read on for tips and tricks to get the testimonials you need to drive your business forward.

Getting a Testimonial: The Right Timing

The timing of your request for a testimonial is very important. You need to ask for feedback after the customer has had a chance to use your product or service, but you don’t want to wait so long that the experience is no longer fresh for them. Ideally, you should request a testimonial about a week after the purchase or service has been completed. 

A good time to ask for a testimonial is after your company has performed a service that is “above and beyond” for a client.

Make it Fast, Easy, and Rewarding

In today’s busy world, it may be hard to convince someone to take the time to give your business a testimonial. Using an approach that is fast and easy will encourage your customers to engage, and even more so if you offer an incentive. A coupon, a free service upgrade, apparel; the possibilities are endless and the idea of “free” is appealing to almost everyone.

But how can you make submitting a testimonial easier for your customers?

Create a Form

Getting a testimonial may be easier if you create a streamlined form for customers to fill out. The form can be a combination of multiple choice or rating questions with a free form portion at the bottom. Keep your wording vague enough to apply to any service or product your company provides so that the same form can be used for all testimonials, regardless of the services or products you provide.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool. Everyone is connected, and it’s estimated that 49% of consumers rely on social media for recommendations. Not only is social media a great place to ask for testimonials, it’s a fantastic place to post them, too.


Email provides a great opportunity to get customer testimonials, but only if you make the subject line appealing enough to entice readers to open your message. If you’re asking for testimonials via email, have a free offer or discount in the subject line to encourage higher open rates. Within the body of the email, you can attach your form or a link to your website 

Website Link

One of the easiest ways to get a testimonial is to provide a link on your website. This makes the process more streamlined for your customers. Don’t forget to sweeten the deal with your free offer or discount if you’ve chosen one.

Text Message

Most people have their phones with them all the time, but a third of them prefer texts to phone calls. In fact, statistics show that responses to texting are 209% higher than a traditional phone call. Sending a request for a testimonial via text messaging is effective, especially if you provide a link to a form or your website.

Bad Reviews are Important, Too

You expect a testimonial to be a glowing review of your company, your teams, your products, and your services, but that’s not always the case. Instead of a testimonial, a customer may respond with complaints or dissatisfaction.

If someone takes the time to leave a bad review or complaint, there are most likely more dissatisfied customers who chose not to. It’s important to take a deep dive into all your reviews, even the bad ones, and see what needs to be addressed to improve your customer experiences.

Take the time not only to investigate claims made by dissatisfied customers, but to respond to them as well. 

Let Us Give You A Hand with Your Messaging

Now that you understand how important testimonials are for your business, it’s time to turn to the professionals. We can help you create the messaging you need to get the testimonials you want. Contact us today!

How To Get Client Testimonials for My Business?

Receiving a testimonial from a client is a great way to get social/visible proof from your clients/customers in order to build trust with your prospects. Many often ask, “how can I get client testimonials?”.

We’re glad you asked! Here are some points to consider in order to improve the quality and quantity of client testimonials you receive for your business.

Client Testimonials Build Social Proof

Ask yourself how many times you have researched feedback on a company before purchasing a product or service from them. We’ve all done it, right? The third party feedback you seek acts as a level of “social proof” or validation of the business.

Collecting Testimonials from Clients

When you collect testimonials, don’t just get a few sentences and be satisfied with that. Include the full name of the customer, along with location, title, and pictures (wherever possible). This enhances the credibility of the review.

What Makes a Great Testimonial?

The best reviews have a clear understanding of what the situation was before and how it has improved (after) – in easily understood and measurable terms.

So, what are some quick and easy tips to actually get a customer/client to provide a review? Try asking them these questions:

What was the problem they were experiencing before they hired you?
What did they find as a result of your product or service?
What was the best thing about it?
Had they previously tried another company to solve their issue? If so, who/what?
What are three main benefits that they have experienced as a result of working with you?
Would they recommend you to someone else – and if so, why?
Are there any other final remarks they would like to add?

Believe it or not, but testimonials and reviews are one of the most important factors users consider when choosing a business. Your rating is also one of the first things users see when searching for your business. These guidelines should help you with the quality and quantity of your testimonials – so get out there and get to it!

The Marks of a Successful Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are powerful marketing tools with various useful functions that businesses use to connect with possible clients and customers. Once received, these customers are reminded about the business as the email shows what the company has been up to. Of course, the information contained also informs potential clients or customers about the products and services the business offers products. If there is value gained by the newsletter, users actually like getting them because they recognize the benefit.

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A History Of Social Media Advertising Infographic

Over the past few years, social has become a critical component of the overall digital advertising market. As platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have emerged as leaders in the social space, they have created powerful new ways for advertising to reach the right consumers with the right message at the right time. Social advertising is projected to generate $11 billion in revenue by 2017. Check out the info below to learn about the major players and the amazing pace of innovation in a rapidly expanding market!

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Signs That It’s Time To Hire a Marketing Agency

advertising agency

Knowing when to hire a marketing agency can lead to sustained growth if you time it right.

When small businesses start, it’s quite common for the owners to want to keep as many tasks “internal” as possible. Sometimes it is out of personal preference, while other times it comes down to cost/necessity. As the business grows, however, more help is needed as customers and relationships begin to increase.

This is especially true when it comes to hiring a marketing agency. While many efforts are often done in-house to save costs, there does come a point where it just makes sense to hire an outside marketing firm. Here are some of the telltale signs to look out for.

1) It Just Isn’t Getting Done

As a business owner, prioritizing tasks is a must. Unfortunately, marketing efforts are often the first to be sacrificed. Hiring a marketing agency cannot only take these tasks off your plate, but it can also make them a top priority!

2) Slow or Stagnant Sales

Oftentimes, ad agencies will offer a free (brief) consultation. If you know the pieces are in place but sales are still not what you want them to be, why not at least talk to someone about it? After speaking, you should come away with a much better feel for how your lack of marketing is holding you back!

3) You Just Don’t Enjoy Marketing

Marketing professionals exist for a reason. Blog posts, landing pages and emails are not the most exciting tasks ever – but they are important and must be done right. Let an agency bring in their passion for marketing so it compliments the passion you have for your business.

4) You Need More Skills

Just because you’re a business owner doesn’t mean you have to be an expert at marketing. Most aren’t! An experienced marketing agency will take the time to get to know you and your business and then apply their skills to your benefit.

5) Questionable Marketing Results

If your marketing results have been hit or miss, It’s quite easy to come to the conclusion that inbound marketing doesn’t work for your business if marketing results are hit or miss. With a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective, a marketing agency will put together an ongoing strategy to overcome your challenges and meet your goals.

6) Budget Concerns

Many times, decisions come down to money. After all, it’s business! But did you know that when you hire a marketing agency, you can often get the benefits of experienced, skilled professionals in a variety of areas – for about the cost of one employee?

Remember, you won’t know what’s out there until you look! Don’t be afraid to talk to different agencies to see how they can help your business. You might be surprised at what they can offer – and at a good rate!