Marketing Research

Understanding Your Customers

We provide marketing research consulting services to corporations, associations, foundations, non-profits, and government agencies. From large companies to smaller organizations and start-ups, we assist a variety of clients when it comes to their quantitative and qualitative market research needs.

Have you adapted your marketing strategy to match the way your customers and/clients shop and buy? We’ll help you define your buyer persona, engage your target audience, prepare your research questions, and summarize your findings. How do we do all that? We follow a system that works, and that usually contains both quantitative and qualitative research:

Quantitive Marketing Research

  • Design of survey
  • Data sampling
  • Data collection
  • Data tabulation
  • Analysis
  • Report prep
  • Presentation of findings

Qualitative Marketing Research

  • Screener and topic guide design
  • Recruiting
  • Moderating
  • Analysis
  • Report prep
  • Presentation of findings

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