ArachnidWorks Inc. Joins The FMH Corporate Honor Roll

ArachnidWorks Allison Monica
Pictured from left to right: Tom Kleinhanzl, President & CEO, Frederick Regional Health System; Monica Kolbay, President & CEO, ArachnidWorks, Inc.; Allison Roemer, Senior Project Manager, ArachnidWorks, Inc.; Sadie Wolf, Senior Development Officer, Frederick Memorial Hospital.

Recently our very own Monica Kolbay and Allison Roemer presented Frederick Memorial Hospital with a $10,000 pledge. The pledge establishes ArachnidWorks as one of the newest members of the FMH Corporate Honor Roll! Contributions like these assist FMH with expanding its award-winning oncology program into a comprehensive Cancer Institute.

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Some Key Points About Digital Marketing in 2015

Ad Week recently shared an infographic highlighting the state of digital marketing in 2015. The graphic (a portion of which is shown below) contains many interesting points and statistics. For instance, did you know that there are almost three billion internet users, worldwide? Also, did you know that 80% of internet users now own a smartphone?

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