Four Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2018

Advertising Trends
The world of marketing moves fast. Really fast. If you think you are up on the current marketing trends because you read an article a few months ago, you are probably falling behind already. In the digital age, you have to constantly keep your thumb on the latest and greatest marketing methods if you are going to be competitive.

We’re not too far into 2018, so let’s take a look at the marketing trends poised to dominate the coming year. Specifically, we have identified four trends that you’ll want to watch closely!

Companies with a Purpose

When you set out to start your own business, the first goal is to make money. That much is obvious. Even if you aren’t personally driven by riches, you have to make money in order to keep the doors open. However, at some point, you are sure to think about your business as something that can impact your community in a positive manner. This can be done both out of a genuine desire to give back, and also a desire to position your business in a good light with the local community.

One of the prevailing trends we see heading into 2018 is the desire for companies to have a positive impact on a local level. What can your company do in the community to make your city a better place for everyone? Positive press is easy to obtain when generous things are done for local organizations, and this kind of purpose-driven marketing can easily have a snowball effect on your popularity.

Content in Tandem with PR

You already know that you need great content as part of your marketing strategy – that certainly isn’t breaking news in 2018. But did you know that content can be paired successfully with a solid PR strategy? Due to the countless outlets available today, PR isn’t the force it once was. It should not be ignored, however, as you can bring your PR and content marketing together into a powerful partnership.

Video, Video, Video

You’ve probably heard this one before, but it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Video has exploded in popularity online, for a variety of reasons. It is easier to make quality videos now than ever before, and high-speed internet access means videos load in just moments. If you don’t currently use video to promote your business in some form or fashion, you are missing out on a massive opportunity.

Optimize for Voice

This is an interesting marketing trend, as you might think that you’ve already done everything you can do in terms of SEO on your site. However, the way people search is changing, and so too are the terms they use to search. With so many voice assistants in use now, search phrasing is shifting from words that people would be likely to type, to words that they will be likely to speak. By optimizing your content in a way that matches up with how people will search using their voices, it is possible to attract a whole new audience.