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“Growing the Footprint”

Dr. Zumbado is a leader of one of the most experienced Ideal Protein coaching staff in the northeast region.

The Dr. Zumbado Lifestyle Community Weight Loss Clinic is located in Maryland, and is a warm and welcoming place with a friendly staff committed to helping individuals achieve weight loss goals, regain their health, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The clinic hosts public and private lectures and educational seminars on weight loss, weight maintenance, and the cognitive approach to weight loss and maintenance.


Facebook engagement increase over prior year


reduced bounce rate from referral traffic over prior year


social media referral traffic increase over prior year

The Challenge

Dr. Zumbado came to us wanting to create new and creative brand awareness strategies as well as generate new business. She needed us to develop strategic marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness for the Ideal Protein brand and supply her with marketing support as she seeks to open new clinics along the east coast. Furthermore, we were challenged with segmenting her B2C clients from her B2B business model, and develop unique messaging and strategies to support an array of marketing endeavors.

Ideal Protein Holiday Survival

Fall Tune Up

The Strategy & Approach

We began by better-marketing Dr. Z’s Ideal Protein methodology to her existing base of clients in order to strengthen those relationships. We quickly set about developing all new collateral and presentational materials, a completely new website, as well as digital graphics. Our approach entailed working on specific seasonal campaigns with predetermined goals.

We have since broadened our marketing development to include a new website for Dr. Z’s B2C business. As she seeks to open new clinics and bring more of the Ideal Protein brand to new customers, we are developing resources for her clinics to utilize within their own marketing. Keeping brand consistency can be challenging within organizations that have independent locations, so organization and planning are key to keeping everyone on the same page and consistent in the big picture message.



We have dramatically increased brand awareness through an array of social media and digital campaigns. Through new and innovative design, coupled with strategic digital planning and execution, we have seen referral traffic from social media alone increase 40% within one year. A new B2C website is on the horizon, and new materials are already well-planned to promote upcoming seasonal events and offerings.

When you partner with AW, you partner with the best. The team is knowledgeable, responsive and committed to supporting our initiatives, making them an invaluable partner in our effort to promote brand awareness, drive traffic to our website, and generate new business. We feel confident that we’re getting the best advice on how to effectuate strategic marketing strategies.
- Maria Ciazza, Marketing and Communications Consultant