Are You Maximizing Your Facebook Presence?

When businesses think about their social media presence, creating a Facebook page is at the top of the list.

But what happens after that?

Sometimes the page just sits there, going untouched because the thinking is just that the “box was checked”. And while it may be true that some businesses just don’t need a Facebook page, those that do oftentimes suffer from missed opportunity.

Let’s start with posting. This is the most elementary of steps – and provided that you have a reasonable audience, you should probably be doing it at least a couple of times per month. Some businesses post just for the sake of doing so, but they should really consider making it relevant to their business. If it’s not directly related to a product or service that is offered, an informative post (let’s say a top ten list) would work nicely. Something humorous that refers to the industry can always work nicely as well.

Have a great offer or want to share a contest or other noteworthy material that you posted to your timeine? Users can spend a set amount of dollars on getting these posts seen by more viewers. The best thing is that viewers can be targeted by location, interest, and more!

If you want to build your following, ads are the way to go. With these paid advertisements that appear in users’ timelines, you can make new users become aware of your business. It works similar to Boosting in that you specify a certain budget and go from there.

Do you have questions about the additional opportunities social media can offer your business? Contact us today!