Social Media Marketing Trends For 2022

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It’s hard to believe it, but we’ve made it to 2022! As marketing pros, we’ve learned a few lessons throughout 2021, and spotted some emerging social media marketing trends. So what are they?

1. Short and Sweet

This is more of an extension of an existing trend than a new one altogether, but it’s worthy of a second look; short content for the win! Shorter is better when it comes to social media content. It’s thought to be more effective since the attention span of younger users is much shorter, accustomed as they have become to TikTok style short form content. 

Advertising on these emerging popular platforms, like TikTok, will continue to be an effective marketing strategy.

2. Permanent Posts Take the Lead

A “Story” is disappearing content that’s viewable for about a day before it’s gone for good. While this will still be a good choice in some cases, 2022 will see more businesses turning to those that can be viewed days, or even weeks, after the initial publishing. It’s estimated that permanent postings give the most return on your social media investment.

Disappearing content still has its place in some platforms where it will continue to thrive. The best recommendation is to consider the platform, your audience, and the intention of your post. Are you having a moment of light hearted fun, for instance, or are you advertising for an event with a ticker? A great approach is to use a mixture of disappearing and permanent postings.

3. Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing Step Strongly into 2022

More and more consumers are diving into the virtual world, and many smart businesses will be taking advantage of this trend. Some ways to take advantage of this niche are offering virtual tours through a facility, or adding a scannable code on business cards that will allow a user to view your products, or recording events and allowing visitors to view the events as if they were part of them.

This may be a costly set-up, but the attention it brings to your brand may make a great return on your investment.

4. Influencer Marketing Will be a Growing Social Media Trend in 2022

Influencer marketing, which focuses on people who have influence in a brand’s sector and potential buyers, has been a force to be reckoned with throughout 2021, and this trend will be increasing throughout 2022. Spotting an influencer on social media is easy; type your industry, say beauty products, into the search bar and look for the names that pop up as a result of the search. If any of them have more than 500 shares or a thousand reactions on their posts, they are a major influence. Get on their pages and interact with them to take advantage of these influencers and increase your own business’ exposure.

5. Focusing on Efforts for Top Performing Platforms 

Marketers have a better understanding of what platforms appeal to their customers, and will direct their focus on them in 2022. Your business’s top performing social platforms will depend on your products and services and your target audience demographic. A business selling retail sports equipment, for example, may have far more success on Twitter or Instagram, while a law firm may choose to avoid these sites and focus on a more professional platform such as LinkedIn.

6. Facebook Remains a Contender for Savvy Marketing Managers

Facebook continues to pull in nearly 3 billion users every month, and it is rapidly gaining even more traction as a game changer because of its “intimate” experiences. These include Facebook Live, both audio and video, and Groups, which allow like-minded consumers to gather in one place…perfect for your targeted advertising.

7. Quality Over Quantity

It used to be that frequency of social media posts was the focus of a successful strategy, but in 2022, the trends will be an increasing mixture of frequency and quality. Throwing three or four random posts on a platform several times a day is taking a back seat to more thoughtful entries, posted every couple of days. Doing this will increase the odds of capturing your audience, who have learned to tune out and scroll past frequent and unhelpful posts.

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