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“Innovation Leads to Progress”

Headquartered in Maryland, Phoenix Mecano is the North American sales and value-added manufacturer of the Swiss-based holding company Phoenix Mecano Group. Through their product lines Rose Industrial Enclosures, Bopla Electronic Enclosures, and RK Rose+Krieger product lines, they have been protecting and moving the world’s innovations forward for over 30 years.


increase in organic website traffic over prior year


increase in LinkedIn shares over prior year


increase in Facebook audience over prior year

The Challenge

Phoenix Mecano is an international organization that is always growing in some capacity, all across the globe.

The North American operations was in need of locating a multi-disciplinary marketing partner that could not only promote the brand more effectively within the the United States, but also work with global partners in developing big-picture marketing strategies for the organization.

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The Strategy & Approach

ArachnidWorks developed a strategic marketing plan around understanding what marketing assets were going to be readily accessible for our team to grow, as some of Phoenix’s marketing aspects are handled internationally. We were challenged with finding a solution that could catapult Phoenix Mecano’s North American operations to new levels, while still maintaining consistency with the international brand platform.

We created a new approach to how everything from collateral to social media is messaged, and became quick experts in how to mitigate an overseas website CMS that dictates many aspects of their digital presence.

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Working with Phoenix Mecano’s local marketing director, we implemented new video for an array of their products lines, parlayed the video into a number of digital channels, developed a new content strategy around promoting the people of Phoenix, and successfully increased their organic website ranking by over 40% in less than one year.

Working at a company where I am the only in-house marketing employee, I look to the talented staff at ArachnidWorks for their constant support and expertise. Their modern, creative approach to their work is unmatched, and their dynamic team is a pleasure to work with. From designing printed materials, to content generation, to website improvements, my relationship with ArachnidWorks has always been a positive one.
- Britney Reader, Marketing Specialist