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“Nationwide Brand Recognition”

BaneBio is a US-based domestic and global provider of new and pre-owned laboratory equipment, supplies, and services to scientific communities. They also provide equipment service plans, lab relocation, equipment acquisition, equipment consulting, lab equipment repair and testing, and manufacturers certifications.

BaneBio has established stringent quality standards that ensures their clients are consistently provided with high-quality certified products.


organic traffic increase over prior year


open rate for email
(industry average is 16.1%)


increase in Facebook engagement over prior year

The Challenge

BaneBio originally approached us doing business under another name, so part of our initial work was to rebrand the company effectively – without sacrificing domain authority or brand loyalty.

We also needed to refocus their service offerings within their customers’ minds – allowing the organization to expand into other geographic markets and supply new laboratory-related services.


BaneBio Posters
BaneBio Business Card

The Strategy & Approach

We had to quickly react to a rebrand for BaneBio, all the while knowing that a sound strategy for marketing and digital optimization had to be at the forefront of our efforts. We successfully rebranded the organization and provided new and updated materials – from website development to digital and graphically designed collateral materials.

A new social media strategy was also implemented to speak to a growing audience that we were now picking up, thanks to a sound localization plan via the website. Organizations from all over the nation were now contacting BaneBio for services, as their digital footprint had grown so nicely.

BaneBio Robots


Through a couple of website redesigns that came with new branding, and thanks to the development of new social media marketing channels, BaneBio has seen amazing organic growth. The organization has matured a lot, both staff-wise and space-wise, to accommodate all the services they now offer – and serve growing segments of the nation’s population within carefully targeted geographic areas.