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“A New Direction!”

Simply put, Richter & Company helps you win.

Early in a business’ acquisition process, Richter & Company offers strategic services to help their federal clients identify the markets that best fit their core capabilities. And, as capture efforts progress, Richter provides actionable intelligence about a client’s customer and the competitive field to help them shape their best opportunity. They identify and price competitor solutions based on objective RFP criteria to define counter-strategies, strengthen bids, and improve win probability.


reduction in website bounce rate over prior year


social media reach increase over prior year


increase in website page views over prior year

The Challenge

Richter was challenged with both a desire to become more effective in their marketing, as well as rebranding under a shift in ownership. They wanted a new brand, a new website, and a digital strategy that would position them as an innovative leader in the federal contracting space. This space can sometimes be an unimaginative place to reside, brand and marketing-wise. It was important for us to develop a brand and supporting materials that would speak well to an established audience within the industry – as well as provide a new and engaging persona for the organization.

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The Strategy & Approach

We started with developing a marketing plan – complete with a competitive review and SWOT analysis. In order to be effective, we needed to immerse ourselves in understanding this landscape. The federal contracting world is not one where traditional methods of marketing always work. It’s about strengthening your network, and being seen as a leader and an ethical partner.

This was all about promoting what Richter was already so well at doing. Their brand, website, and supporting materials gave a dated impression, and we knew we could make an impact with a modern and clean aesthetic. The challenge would become marketing Richter as the ethical and competent provider of services that some of the industry already knew them to be. We just needed to grow this brand.


Through invigorated social media and content-driven marketing, we have helped position Richter as a leader in their field. Social media in this industry does not necessarily hold the same appeal and impact as within the private sector. Working LinkedIn and developing a content marketing strategy in close association with their lead business development professional has led to great success.

Working with ArachnidWorks has allowed us to advance our marketing goals in an organized and well-planned fashion. The team at AW has been great to work with, and they always provide us just what we're looking for, to meet the next goal.
- Chris Richter, President