ArachnidWorks Design Services | Not Just Logos!


When people think of graphic designers, they typically picture someone drawing up a logo in a design studio somewhere. And while logos are a big part of design, the service area is open to so much more – for both large and small businesses! With our experience in creating a wide variety of design projects, ArachnidWorks is proud to serve businesses in Maryland and beyond.

Logo design is typically where businesses start in their marketing efforts – but what happens once that project is complete?

The answer: the sky is the limit!

The next steps typically are geared towards advertising the business in the easiest ways possible. This includes custom business cards as well as the letterhead and envelopes that all of your contacts will see. Though simple, these materials communicate your brand and make others familiar with what your company is all about. Following along these lines, posters, rack cards, and folders can help take that marketing to the next level. Additionally, postcards and brochures are even more ways that your business can get noticed.

Moving on from the usual, “internal” marketing pieces, we now go to the “next level” – getting out there and telling the world who you are! Although not normally thought of in the category, newspaper and magazine ads are additional forms of graphic design that ArachnidWorks has expertise in. Combined with already-existing stationery, this form of communication can present your business to the world – bringing in more customers/contacts!

When marketing to an audience who may not already be familiar with your brand, trade show displays are excellent ways to boost your presence. Having a custom-designed display or banner for your trade show booth will bring in traffic. From there, you can provide your visitors with all of your other marketing materials!

Do you see how it can all connect now? We can help you get there with ease!

We have been serving the advertising needs of businesses in Frederick, Maryland, and the mid-Atlantic region for years, and we are ready to help your company grow in the years ahead! Contact us to see what we can do to help take your to the next level!