Meet The ArachnidWorks Advertising Agency Staff!


You can always read more about ArachnidWorks here, but we’d also like to introduce you to our staff which includes everything from graphic designers to marketers and the “security guard” to our President. If you’ve recently been to our Frederick advertising office, you’ve definitely seen our staff posters. Here’s a closer look at each member of the AW team!

First off is our President and CEO, Monica Kolbay!


Next up is our problem-solving, Technical Officer, Brian!



Here’s Allison, manager of all projects!


Next up is Wes, marketer of the interwebs!


Here’s our website design specialist, Irese!


Meet Kaitlen, another one of our great web and graphic designers!


Say hi to Leah, our graphic design specialist!


Meet the newest member of the team, our “Hoodie”, Jennifer!


And last but not least, here’s our Sergeant of Arms, Argo!

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