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ArachnidWorks is an advertising agency specializing in media planning and buying in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD markets, as well as surrounding areas within Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Delaware, West Virginia, and New Jersey. President/CEO Monica Kolbay has over fifteen years of experience as a media buyer in television, radio, online and print. Monica has handled campaigns for regional and local print, television and radio, including both network and cable television.

Why ArachnidWorks?
We handle the budgeting and planning of numerous regional and national television, print and radio campaigns. We take the time to understand your advertising goals, in order to come up with the best overall package to fit the needs of your business. Included in these packages are added-value opportunities, including no-charge commercials, billboards, mini-mercials, remnant space and other incentive opportunities. We work for you, not the newspaper, radio or TV station.

Cross All The T’s
In addition to securing the best media buy for your budget, ArachnidWorks also takes the time to monitor your campaigns. We carefully select the best placement for your ads and use specialized traffic instructions to maximize your campaigns. Through post-analysis, ArachnidWorks reviews your advertising invoices to ensure that both your frequency and financial goals are being met.

If you are looking for a media buyer in the Baltimore and Washington, DC metro areas, ArachnidWorks has the experience to get you the most out of your advertising budget. As previously mentioned, we also have experience in other nearby markets such as Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina and New Jersey. Contact us today to get started!

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