Facebook Messenger Is Now Testing Self-Destroying Messages

Message App
Taking a page out of the Snapchat playbook, Facebook has begun testing its Messenger app for “Secret Conversations”. These conversations would allow users to be able to send encrypted conversations that, like Snapchat, disappear after a set amount of time. Last week, David Marcus, Facebook’s head of Messenger, posted that the company has begun this testing as a way to provide additional privacy and security to messages.

Social media users who have access to the test in Messenger can access this new feature from within a normal conversation by tapping the name of the friend they’re having a conversation with and then scrolling down to the “Secret Conversations” feature. Once this is done, a new window will appear and the amount of time the person wants the message to be viewable (once opened) can be chosen. Time options range from five seconds to over six hours. Once selected, the message can be sent by the user.

While he did not say when or whether the feature will be available to all users, Marcus said that it will continue to roll out and be “more broadly available” later this summer.

For those French users familiar with Messenger, it is known that Facebook also tested “disappearing” messages in France last fall. At that time, Facebook hinted that the test could expand to other countries – which it seems is now underway.