ArachnidWorks Participates in 2018 TechFrederick Games


For the third straight year, ArachnidWorks was proud to participate in the TechFrederick games! TechFrederick is an organization that was formed to identify, highlight, support, foster awareness of, advocate for, and develop Frederick’s growing high tech community through community education and human resource development, entrepreneurship training programs and seminars, and related events. This yearly event is designed to bring out the great employees of Frederick companies for some friendly interaction… and competition!

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Meet The ArachnidWorks Advertising Agency Staff!

You can always read more about ArachnidWorks here, but we’d also like to introduce you to our staff which includes everything from graphic designers to marketers and the “security guard” to our President. If you’ve recently been to our Frederick advertising office, you’ve definitely seen our staff posters. Here’s a closer look at each member of the AW team!

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The Advantages to Hiring a Marketing Agency for Your Small Business

AW Marketing Staff

As a small business owner, driving new customers to your business is one of your main responsibilities. Obviously, without customers, you are going to be out of business in a hurry. Of course, driving customers to your business might not be your greatest strength. For instance, if you run a bakery, you got into business because you love to bake – not because you are a marketer. To make sure your business is promoted successfully while you focus on your own personal strength, it may be best to hire a marketing agency (like us!) to represent your business. Here are some great reasons why a team like ours can help your business grow!

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Some Time Out of The Office With The ArachnidWorks Staff

AW Staff

Every now and then, a few hours out of the office during the week never hurts! Our ArachnidWorks crew recently had the pleasure of taking part in a team-building cooking class and lunch at The Kitchen Studio Cooking School here in Frederick, MD. Our main course was the delicious paella del sol and we also had other tasty dishes including asparagus, churros and more!

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ArachnidWorks Graphic Design Services | Not Just Logos!

When people think of graphic designers, they typically picture someone drawing up a logo in a design studio somewhere. And while logos are a big part of graphic design, the service area is open to so much more – for both large and small businesses! With our experience in creating a wide variety of design projects, ArachnidWorks is proud to serve businesses in Maryland and beyond.

Logo design is typically where businesses start in their marketing efforts – but what happens once that project is complete?

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