The Benefits of Using WordPress As Your Website’s CMS

If you are looking for a content management system (or CMS) for your web design, you have no doubt considered WordPress. The popularity of this CMS is overwhelming, as millions of sites use it as their platform of choice. And why not? With a full set of features and a user-friendly design, it should be relatively easy to bring your website vision to life.

At ArachnidWorks, we are proud to offer complete WordPress website design services, so let’s take a look at a few of the many benefits which come along with selecting this platform as the CMS behind your website.

Ease of Use

Unless you are an experienced web designer, ease of use should be one of the top points on your shopping list. Fortunately, WordPress has been designed specifically for people who aren’t experts in things like HTML or CSS. Sure, you can do powerful things with WordPress if you do have coding skills, but those skills aren’t necessary to create an attractive and functional site.

Pre-Made Themes

One of the best things about using WordPress is the incredible number of ‘themes’ available. A WordPress theme is basically a pre-designed layout for your site, meaning you can skip the step of designing the layout and instead focus on filling the site with great content, images, etc. Thanks to the popularity of this CMS, you will find that there are thousands and thousands of themes on the market for you to consider.

The Power of Plugins

When you need to add a specific capability to your site, there is a good chance that a plugin exists for precisely the task you have in mind. Plugins are bits of code which will add certain features to your site, such as a contact form or improved SEO. The list of available plugins is expansive, and many of them are free to use (some of the powerful plugins do require purchase, however).

Search Benefits

Chances are, if you are building a website, you are hoping that visitors will find your site through search engines. To make that more likely, you’ll want to learn about SEO, or search engine optimization. There are some specific SEO benefits related to using WordPress, so simply by selecting this CMS you may start out with a bit of an advantage. Or, at least, you won’t be putting yourself at a disadvantage by using a CMS with fewer SEO-friendly features.

Finding Help

This last point is yet another which speaks to the popularity of this platform. If you run into something on your site that you just can’t figure out how to fix, you may need to look for help. It is not going to be hard to find help when you need work done on a WordPress site, as most of the web developers around the globe will be familiar with WordPress. Also, if you hope to grow your site to the point where it will have employees down the road, using WordPress is going to make it easy to bring new people onboard.